Antifouling Paints




Ideal for the treatment of fishing and farming nets to prevent them from drying, to protect them from sun beams and abrasion, to reduce bio-fouling and facilitate maintenance.

All the products are water soluble, contain copper oxide in compliance with the current regulations (< 50 micrograms/cm2/day). They are all easily applied, fast dry and the net is left soft and elastic since the product penetrates in depth. 

One litre of treatment covers one kilo of net, 10% dilution. 

Treatment must be repeated every year.


Brand new antifouling produced by TechnoSEA just for fish farmers that are used to use black fish farming net.

TechnoSEA Blacknet 11 Antifouling is  a water based paint atoxic including 11% of Cupper Oxyd.

It is available 15-18 e 22% of cupper oxyd formulation, upon request.

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Netrex AF 

Netrex AF is a wax based paint including 3% of Cupper Oxyd. Traitment can be done on the wet nets. Nets must be dried approx 8 hours before using in the sea.  


It is composed of lattice. It may be diluted in up to 25% water. Nets must be clean before treatment. Soak for 20 minutes. Leave to dry for 3 days. Fish are introduced after further 72 hours. After treatment nets weight should increase by about 45%. Nets without knots result in a decrease in weight by 10% after a year. Nets with knots result in a decrease in weight by 10% after a year.


It is composed of 81% inorganic matters, 18% copper oxide and 1% chlorotalonyle. Nets must be clean and dry before treatment. They are soaked in the product ( about 3 times the nets weight) for 30 minutes. They must be left to dry for 72 hours before use. Fish are introduced after further 72 hours.

Aquasafe W - now Aquanet

Antifouling composed of watery base of Norwegian manufacture. Non-toxic, unscented product. Basic ingredient is copper oxide.

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Click here to view table of product safety (PDF Acrobat File format)


Scheda Tecnica AQUASAFE W



GJCO AQUASAFE W is a waterbased antifouling impregnation. The active ingredient in GJCO AQUASAFE W is Copper oxide.

Recommended use:

GJCO AQUASAFE W is recommended for impregnating of marine cage nets.






Spreading rate:

0,9 1,0 liter pr kg new dry net

Flash point:


Specific weight:

1,26 kg/l

Drying time (23 C, 50% R.H.):

6- 12 hours depending on drying conditions

This product data will vary within normal tolerance limits related to production.


Application method:

Dipping or netwasher

Thinner/ cleaner:


Guiding data airless spray:

      Nozzle tip:


      Spray angle:


      Pressure of nozzle:


Film thickness, wet:


Film thickness, dry:


Drying time:

N.B: The impregnated net must be quite dry before immersing into the water

Minimum application temp.:



Previous impregnated nets should be cleaned by netwasher or by high pressure fresh water cleaning. Dry the net before application.


GJCO AQUASAFE W must be stirred well before using. GJCO AQUASAFE W is ready-to use. Impregnate the net by dipping or by netwasher for at least 5 min, suspend for drip-drying. The nets should be stored in plastic bags.


The product must be stored in accordance with national regulation. Storage conditions are to keep the product in a dry and cool space, and tightly closed.


See safety data (Material safety data sheet)

The information in this data is based on laboratory testing and practical experience. However, as the product is often used under conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product itself. The products will be delivered with reference to our GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR SALE, DELIVERING AND SERVICE, if not other written appointments. We reserve the right to change the given data without notice. This data replace previous editions, and will be cancelled automaticly 5 years after the publication date.                         

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